Day Trip from Tokyo to Mount Fuji

Explore the country's tallest peak in a day

We recently took a day trip from Tokyo to Mount Fuji. This is undoubtedly a great way to see Japan’s tallest mountain in one day. Unless you plan on climbing Mt Fuji, one day will be more than enough. Here’s what you need to know about the Mount Fuji tour.

Day Trip from Tokyo to Mount Fuji


All Mount Fuji Tour Details

The day trip to Mount Fuji is a full-day guided tour, meaning that you don’t only get to enjoy the beautiful views, but also learn interesting facts and stories from your guide. Know that Mount Fuji is not the only amazing sight in Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park. Mount Fuji is only 59 miles away from Tokyo, making it a perfect day trip.

Sights you will see:

  • Mt Fuji
  • Lake Ashi
  • Mt Komagatake


  • hotel pickup from selected hotels
  • bus ride with free WiFi
  • professional guide
  • lunch (optional)
  • cruise on Lake Ashi
  • ropeway to the peak of Mt Komagatake
  • bullet train ride


  • drinks
  • hotel drop-off

The Mount Fuji Tour Itinerary

To give you a better idea of what the day trip from Tokyo to Mount Fuji looks like, we’ve described the tour step by step for you:

7:30 am: Bus pick up

Bus trip from Tokyo to Mount Fuji

The coach will pick you up between 7:30 and 9 am, depending on your designated pickup location. You can choose from 5 locations when booking your day trip from Tokyo to Mount Fuji: Hotel Metropolitan, Kelo Plaza Hotel, Courtyard Marriott, Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa or the Hamamatsucho Bus Terminal. You can choose a hotel as your pick-up spot even if you are not staying there!

11:30 am: Mt Fuji 5th Station

Mount Fuji Close Up

Around 11:30 am you will arrive at 5th Station at Mt Fuji, which is about halfway up the mountain: 5th Station is located at 7,454 feet and Mount Fuji’s height is 12,388 feet. On a clear day, you can overlook the region. There, you can explore a few shrines, tori gates, and souvenir shops. This is also where people prepare to climb up Mt Fuji. It’s the beginning of the Yoshida Trail, the most popular trail to reach the summit of Fuji.

1 pm: Lunch Break

Bento Lunch Box

Before heading to your next spot, Lake Ashi, you’ll have time for lunch. If you have added lunch to your initial booking you will follow the guide and he or she will take you there. Otherwise, you can simply wander around and find a nice food spot on your own. We did not add lunch to our booking, but rather explored the area by ourselves. However, we’ve heard that the lunch was great, so either way, you will be fine. If you decide to have lunch by yourself, you will meet the rest of the tour at a specific time announced by your guide. Do not be late!

2:30 pm: Cruise on Lake Ashi

Lake Ashi with Mount Fuji in the background

Upon arrival at Lake Ashi, you’ll hop on a cruise. If you can, try to be one of the first ones to board the cruise. There is enough space for everyone on the cruise, but the outside spots are highly sought-after due to the ability to fully enjoy the beautiful scenery.

4 pm: Ropeway to Mt Komagatake

Summit of Mt Komagatake in Hakone

The ropeway takes you all the way to the summit of Mt Komagatake, where you will find the shrine Momotsumiya. Literally translated Momotsumiya means original shrine. It’s the same type you’ll see by Lake Ashi. The views from up here can’t be described with words!

5:30 pm: Bullet train ride back to Tokyo

Shinkansen train in front of Mount Fuji

After descending from Mount Komagatake by ropeway it’s time to head back to Tokyo. You will be taking the bus to the train station. The Shinkansen bullet train that takes less than one hour. It’s a great experience and also extremely convenient after such an eventful day. You’ll be dropped off at Tokyo Station.


Mount Fuji Day Trip Review

We highly recommend the day trip from Tokyo to Mount Fuji as it gave us a chance to see Fuji and Hakone National Park in the course of only one day. If you’re still not sure if the tour to Mount Fuji is worth it, you can read more reviews by fellow travelers. It has already more than 4,000 positive reviews!

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