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Experience extravaganza in Tokyo

In Tokyo, you will find plenty of fun and unusual things to do and the Robot Restaurant in Tokyo’s entertainment district Kabukicho is surely one of them. It is a major tourist attraction and you won’t find many locals here, however, it’s one of the must-dos when you’re in Japan. Here’s why you shouldn’t miss the Robot Restaurant in Tokyo.

Robot Restaurant Tokyo


What is the Robot Restaurant in Tokyo?

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Since July 2012, the Robot Restaurant in Tokyo offers a spectacular Robot-themed cabaret show. You will see dancers, lasers, flashing lights, monsters, music, and naturally, robots. Even though the attraction is officially called a restaurant, the name can be a little misleading. For us, it is a show, rather than a restaurant. They do serve food there, however. The entire show is 90 minutes long and includes one intermission.

How to Get Cheap Robot Restaurant Tickets

Entrance of the Robot Restaurant in Tokyo

Tickets for the Robot Restaurant typically sell out, which is why we recommend booking in advance. While the Robot Restaurant advertises tickets at¥8,000 = $72, you can find much cheaper tickets online. With online tickets for the Robot Restaurant, you can save 24% and buy them for as little as $60.


Matinees are even less expensive!

If you don’t mind going attending the show during the day, then you can get even cheaper Robot Restaurant tickets, starting at $55.

Food and Drinks at the Robot Restaurant

Drink at the Robot Restaurant in Tokyo

Even though the Robot Restaurant in Tokyo is more about the entertainment than the food, you have the possibility to add a meal to your reservation. Depending on the meal, it will be an additional ¥1,000 ¥1,200 or ¥1,500 on top of your ticket price. If you’d like to look up your three meal options: Grilled Beef Dinner Box, Japanese Style Dinner Box, and the Robot Sushi. All meals include complimentary bottles of water. To see all the details, visit

Eat at a restaurant in the area, before you head to the show!

If you ask us, don’t bother with the food! You can find a better meal somewhere else in the area. Once you are at the Robot Restaurant, you can purchase drinks and snacks. They are being sold prior to the show as well as during the intermission. The meals are overpriced and nothing special.

Robot Restaurant Schedule

The Robot Restaurant in Tokyo features shows 5 times a day, 7 days a week!

It is recommended to arrive at the restaurant 30 minutes early. During the wait for the main show to begin, there is an opening act. To see all of it, try to get there one hour early.

Is the Robot Restaurant worth it?

Inside the Robot Restaurant in Tokyo

Yes, it is a tacky but at the same time super entertaining, unique, and surreal experience. Even celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain was a huge fan of the Robot Restaurant in Tokyo. It even led the list of his favorite things to do in Tokyo!  If you decide to go for the experience, we promise you’ll have a blast! The entire restaurant is already worth ¥10 million, reflecting its wide popularity.

How do you get to the Robot Restaurant?

Tokyo’s Robot Restaurant is located at ‎1-7-1 Kabukicho in Shinjuku. If you’re not already in the area, you can simply take the subway to Shinjuku Station. It’s the busiest railway station that serves plenty of lines, making it convenient to get to. From the station, the Robot Restaurant is only 4 minutes away by walking.

Know before you go

Robot Restaurant Lights

  • The show is performed in English
  • No outside food or drinks are allowed
  • You can take photos and videos during the show
  • Bathroom only during intermission
  • Seats are assigned automatically
  • Be sure to get there 30 minutes early
  • There’s no age restriction, but if you children tagging along try to get matinee tickets
  • Eat before the show


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